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Vidhub lets you send detailed, time-coded feedback as easy as sending an instant message.


Vidhub helps the world's best studios, corporations, and classrooms review and discuss their videos online.

Vidhub is used by individuals at Marley Beverage CompanyVidhub is used by students and faculty at University of Illinois at ChicagoVidhub is used by students and faculty at Wilfrid Laurier UniversityVidhub is used by the team at Butcherbird StudiosVidhub is used by the team at Mattel
Vidhub is used by individuals at Zoo AgencyVidhub is used by individuals at students and faculty at University of OttawaVidhub is used by the team at Pathways to EducationVidhub is used by individuals at Inhance Digital AgencyVidhub is used by the team at LaunchVault Media
Cut down on in-person meetings, phone calls, and client emails by reviewing videos with Vidhub

Juggling emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings to discuss videos?

Simplify your video review & collaboration process with Vidhub.


Vidhub video review and collaboration tool lets you upload videos directly, or import from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox
Add Videos in Seconds

Upload videos directly to Vidhub, or easily import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or Our integrations help you review videos faster, no matter what your current workflow is.

Commenting on videos to review with player pausing when typing feedback
Timestamp Comments Effortlessly

Say good riddance to incorrect timestamps that delay post-production. With Vidhub, simply start typing and we'll automatically pause the video and add timestamps for the exact moment being discussed.

Discuss and review comments instantly and in real-time on videos
Get Updates Instantly

Review videos with anyone, anywhere in real-time. Have a conversation and discuss videos in depth without refreshing pages or waiting for emails. Working with a distributed team has never been easier.

Vidhub interface showing you can review videos by inviting collaborators or generating a sharable link
Invite Collaborators... or Don't

Easily invite one or dozens of collaborators in seconds by pasting a list of emails. You can also generate a sharable link to review and discuss videos without the need to create a Vidhub account.

Manage multiple revisions of a video during video review, with an interface that shows comments and info to compare versions
Manage Revisions Easily

Don't fear revisions and the dreaded "Revision 23 2017 Final FINAL.mp4 (3)". Vidhub automatically tags new revisions and notifies your collaborators immediately.

Vidhub automatically emails collaborators about deadlines on videos to remind them to submit feedback
Remind Clients Automatically

Set a deadline once on Vidhub, and we'll take care of the rest. Collaborators are automatically sent reminders and are notified of deadlines until they submit feedback.

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